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Starchem SynStryp Paint Stripper, 5 litres



Starchem SynStryp Paint Stripper, 5 litres.

Industrial strength paint stripper for those difficult jobs.

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Starchem SynStryp Paint Stripper, 5 litres.

Industrial strength paint stripper for those difficult jobs.


  • Methylene Chloride (Dichloromethane - DCM)
  • Methanol
  • Phenol
  • Formic Acid
  • Acetic Acid

This is a very powerful and potentially dangerous product, please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the MSDS before use.


  • Can cause severe burns to eyes and skin.
  • May be absorbed through the skin.
  • Toxic if swallowed. Ingestion may prove fatal.
  • Inhalation of low concentration may cause headache, nausea, incoordination and "drunkenness".
  • Inhalation of high concentrations may cause bronchitis, pulmonary oedema, vomiting, numbness of the extremities, cyanosis, unconsciousness and death.


Strong paint stripper for those difficult jobs


Paint stripper containing more than 0.1% dichloromethane by weight ("paint stripper") – restrictions on use.

Please complete the fields in the "product customisation" section below to electronically sign that you have read and understood the following conditions which must be met, in addition to any other statutory requirements, in order to procure paint stripper:

  1. Effective ventilation in all processing areas, in particular for the wet processing and the drying of stripped articles: local exhaust ventilation at strip tanks supplemented by forced ventilation in those areas, so as to minimise exposure and to ensure compliance, where technically feasible, with relevant occupational exposure limits;
  2. Measures to minimise evaporation from strip tanks comprising: lids for covering strip tanks except during loading and unloading; suitable loading and unloading arrangements for strip tanks; and wash tanks with water or brine to remove excess solvent after unloading;
  3. Measures for the safe handling of dichloromethane in strip tanks comprising: pumps and pipework for transferring paint stripper to and from strip tanks; and suitable arrangements for safe cleaning of tanks and removal of sludge;
  4. Personal protective equipment that complies with Directive 89/686/EEC comprising: suitable protective gloves, safety goggles and protective clothing; and appropriate respiratory protective equipment where compliance with relevant occupational exposure limits cannot be otherwise achieved;
  5. Adequate information, instruction and training for operators in the use of such equipment.

I certify that paint stripper will only be used when these conditions have been met (where applicable). I also certify that I indemnify the supplier against any and all consequences arising as a result of using this product.

Should I/we supply paint stripper to another person or company, I/we will ensure that the recipient is aware of these restrictions and will supply only if they can be complied with.

Starchem Part Number: PS-50


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Material Safety Data Sheet for Starchem Paint Stripper (SPS5)

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