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How to Use Isopon's Alloy Wheel Filler Kit

Using the Isopon Alloy Wheel Filler kit to repair deep scratches and scuffs in most alloy wheels

Difficulty: Easy

Isopon's Alloy Wheel Repair Kit

The Alloy Wheel Filler kit has an easy to use, durable formula designed to repair damage in most alloy wheels with filler containing real aluminium that dries fast and sands easily. The kit contains premeasured filler and hardener sachets along with an applicator. This tutorial will leave your wheels smooth and ready to be primed and painted. All products in this tutorial are listed at the bottom of the article.

Step 1: Sanding your Scratch

Wearing a pair of protective gloves, sand approximately an inch around the damaged area with a medium grit sandpaper on a backing pad.

After this, wipe over the scratch with a microfibre cloth to remove any grease or contamination. Your working area should now be clean, dry, and free of loose particles.

Step 2: Mixing your Filler

Empty one of your filler sachets onto a clean sheet of onion paper.

Next to the filler, squeeze out a one and a half-inch line of the hardener from the resealable packet. Use the provided applicator to mix these two together until they are one uniform colour.

To ensure you have mixed thoroughly and eliminated all air pockets, you should fold the mixture in on itself. Thorough mixing is the best way to ensure consistent results.

Step 3: Applying your Filler

After no more than four minutes of mixing, apply your mixed filler to your surface with your applicator. Apply the filler in one layer to create a final surface that is slightly domed over your repair.

Allow this to dry for 20-30 minutes.

Step 4: Sanding your Filler

Use medium grit sandpaper over a sanding block to remove any excess filler.

Carefully shape and contour your filler to match the surface surrounding it.

For a final finish, spray plenty of water onto your working surface and use a sanding block with fine grit wet and dry sandpaper to sand around this repair. You can clean this away with a few more squirts of water and a wipe with a microfibre cloth.

Your final result should be smooth and perfectly blended with the surrounding area, good as new. If there are any small imperfections, you can go back with small amounts of filler and re-sand this area.


Products Used In This Tutorial

Isopon Alloy Wheel Repair

Isopon Alloy Wheel Repair Portion Box


Protective gloves

Colad Black Nitrile Gloves Large (Box of 60)


Microfibre Cloth

Farecla Finishing Cloth (Pack of 3)


3M Microfibre Detailing Cloth


Sandpaper (Medium grit)

3M P180, 230mm x 280mm, Wetordry Sheet 734, Qty of 25


Sandpaper (Fine grit)

3M P180, 230mm x 280mm, Wetordry Sheet 734, Qty of 25

Sanding Block

3M 70 x 125mm Soft Hookit Sanding Hand Block


Paint Cleaner/Swirl Remover

Meguiars Ultimate Compound 450ml


Farecla G3 Professional Paint Renovator 500ml


Car Polish

Concept Infinity Super Nano Polish 1lt


Carnauba Wax

Meguiars Gold Class Carnauba Plus Paste Car Wax 311g


Meguiars Gold Class Carnauba Plus Liquid Car Wax 473ml