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How to Use 3M’s 08861 Body Schutz Coating

The Application and Uses of Body Schutz Coating

 Difficulty: Easy

What is Body Schutz Coating and What Does It Do?

Body Schutz Coating is an asphalt-based coating designed to prevent stone chips, rust and weathering. This tough and flexible coating is designed to be applied to non-visible car parts, for example, underbodies, wheel arches and inside wing panels. Therefore, it doesn’t need to be painted over. With excellent adhesion and sound-deadening properties, this product performs well after only one coat.


It should be noted that 3M also offers an aerosol version of Schutz, which will be linked at the bottom of the tutorial. For a tutorial on how to use an aerosol, click here.



A ventilator mask is the best way to protect your respiratory system, and you should also only ever use spray guns in a ventilated area. You will also want to use goggles and gloves as Schutz is sticky.


Step 1: Preparing Your Surface

To prepare your surface, you need to clean it. If it is dirty or greasy, your product will not stick. Use a good car cleaner and a microfibre cloth to make sure the area you'll be applying Schutz to is washed properly.


As well as preparing your surface, you’ll need to prepare your spray gun. For this product, we recommend the 3M 08996 gun, as the screw top is designed to connect directly to the paint canister. To prepare this gun, you should make sure it's clean and, all parts are free to move and all holes are open.


Step 2: Using Schutz Body Coating       

Experiment with air pressure and distance from your surface to find the right texture, we suggest staying between 55-80 PSI and 30-50cm distance.


Spray over your area. If you decide to apply more than one coat, wait between 15 and 30 minutes between layers to allow it to dry properly.


Products Used In This Tutorial

08861 Body Schutz Coating

3M Body Schutz Coating Black


Aerosol Body Schutz Coating

3M Spray Schutz Coating Black 500ml Aerosol


Microfibre Cloth

Farecla Finishing Cloth (Pack of 3)


3M Microfibre Detailing Cloth



3M Maintenance Free Half Mask Respirator, FFAP3R D Filters



Sealey Safety Goggles with Direct Ventilation


Protective gloves

Colad Black Nitrile Gloves Large (Box of 60)

Car Cleaner

Concept Go Foam Aerosol 450ml


08996 Spray Gun

3M Air-Line Fed Undercoating Spray Gun