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Shiny Bumper using Concept PBR

How to use Concept P.B.R. Special

Use Concept P.B.R. Special to renovate your bumper and other exterior plastics


Difficulty: Easy


If your cars exterior plastics are faded and in need of renovation, look no further than Concept’s P.B.R. Special to help create and maintain the plastics’ showroom appearance. All products in this tutorial are available from Grove and listed at the bottom of the article.


What is Concept P.B.R Special?

Concept P.B.R. (standing for Plastic and Bumper Renovator) is a unique blend of refined waxes and oils in a solvent blend. This silicone free gel is easy to use and durable. It is also non-tacky, helping to prevent treated surfaces from attracting dust and dirt. Designed to be user friendly, this product does not make hands sticky during use.


Step 1: Before the Application of Concept P.B.R. Special

Before use, you should make sure your surface is clean and dry. Use a mild car shampoo (one without any waxes and polishes) and a microfibre cloth to clean your plastic. Make sure the plastic is cleaned thoroughly to prepare for the P.B.R. Special. Wash off the car shampoo with clean water. To speed up the process of drying your plastic, use a drying towel.


Step 2: Applying the Concept P.B.R. Special

Shake the P.B.R container before application. Apply the P.B.R. with a microfibre cloth onto your plastic surface and leave to dry to reveal your plastic’s new and renovated appearance. It is not necessary to buff off the P.B.R.

Alternatively, P.B.R. can be applied by trigger spray and then spread into an even film using a sponge. It would then be left to dry.


Products Used In This Tutorial

Concept P.B.R. Special

Concept PBR Special 5lt - by Grove


Microfibre Cloth

Farecla Finishing Cloth (Pack of 3)


3M Microfibre Detailing Cloth


Drying Cloth

Meguiars Water Magnet Microfibre Drying Towel


Car Shampoos

Concept Auto Shampoo 5lt - by Grove