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How to Line Your Truck Bed with Raptor Spray-On Liner

The Application and Benefits of RLB/S4 or RLT/S4

Difficulty: Easy


Raptor’s liner is a tough protective coating that can be applied to metal, wood, plastic, concrete, fiberglass and fillers but in this tutorial, we’re going to be looking at lining a truck bed. This coating is resistant to water and UV and has general durability against rust, corrosion and stains.

The coating comes in either black or tintable (for a tutorial for tinting your liner, click here).


Step 1: Preparing your Surface


For the best results, it’s advised to start with a clean surface. Remove any rust and clean with panel wipes in order to degrease the surface.


Use P80-P180 sandpaper to go over the area to abrade it and apply an etch primer (for a tutorial on how to use an etch primer, click here).


Method 1: Rolling on the Liner


Pour the liner into a paint tray and use a textured paint roller to cover the surface of the truck bed slowly and evenly. You may want to use a paint brush to get into tricky corners.


This method results in a lower build so you will have to apply at least one more layer with an hour in between coats to let it dry.


Method 2: Spraying on the Liner


A ventilator mask is the best way to protect your respiratory system, and you should also only ever use spray guns in a ventilated area. You will also want to use goggles and gloves.


Fill a HVLP gun (with 40-60PSI) with the liner and apply in a sweeping motion along the truck bed from about 20cm away.


If you want to apply a second layer, wait at least an hour between coats to let the liner dry.


Products Used In This Tutorial

Raptor Spray-On Liner

Upol Raptor Black Spray On Liner


Upol Raptor Tintable Spray On Liner


Etch Primer

GTi Etch Primer Grey Aerosol 500ml


Panel Wipes

Upol Panel Wipes Box



3M Maintenance Free Half Mask Respirator, FFAP3R D Filters



Sealey Safety Goggles with Direct Ventilation


Protective gloves

Heavy Duty Large Latex Gloves Black


Paint Roller and Tray

4" Premium Foam Roller Refill


4" Single Arm Roller Handle


4" Paint Roller Tray


HVLP Spray Gun

Fast Mover Mini HVLP Gravity Spray Gun 0.8mm