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The Differences Between HVLP and LVLP Spray Guns

 Difficulty: Easy

Despite having similar names, these spray guns are very different. So, what are they and how should they be used?



HVLP stands for 'High Volume, Low Pressure'. This means that it will have a high volume output with low pressure.


HVLP spray guns are perfect for DIY and beginners because they are slower, so they allow for more control.


They create high-quality colour because more of the paint hits the surface to coat it, and less paint is wasted.


HVLP spray guns are excellent for painting metals.


However, HVLP spray guns require a bigger air compressor because of the high volume and they cost more than LVLP spray guns.



LVLP stands for 'Low Volume, Low Pressure'. This means that it will have a low volume output with low pressure.


LVLP spray guns are easy to use and figure out. They have great transfer efficiency and versatility.


Compared to HVLP spray guns, they require less air pressure (PSI) but are a lot faster.


LVLP spray guns do require a high-quality air compressor as a cheap one may affect the colour-quality and may require you to re-paint your surface.


LVLP spray guns are not recommended for metals or thicker objects.


Because of their speed, LVLP spray guns can be difficult to control, and it's hard to see unpainted areas, also their spray pattern is quite small.


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