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The Different Types of Masking Tape

The Uses and Advantages of Different Types of Tape

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There are many different types of tape for use when painting, in this article, we’ll be looking at the three most common tape types; fine line tape, foam masking tape, and masking tape.


What is fine line tape?

Fine line tape is a thin plastic tape that is perfect for creating straight, sharp lines while painting. The tape can stretch to follow or create curves, but can also be torn easily. It's easy to pull off without leaving behind any residue.


Most fine line tapes are water, solvent and moisture resistant, as well as being brightly coloured for added visibility while working.


Fine line tapes are perfect for edging on two-tone or multi-coloured paint finishes.



What is foam masking tape?

Foam tape is a type of masking tape but looks and behaves very differently to standard tapes. Foam tape is designed to protecting holes and seals from paint bleed-through. For example, it can protect the inner side of a doorframe by placing the tape along the edge of the opening while the door is open and closing the door onto the tape.


Unlike most masking tapes, foam tapes are designed to create a feathered finish, preventing hard edge lines.


A quality foam tape will have good temperature resistance and conformability, it also shouldn't leave a residue after removal.



What is masking tape?

Standard masking tape, which may also be called 'painter's tape', is made from a thin, easy-to-tear paper. It's used to cover the area of a surface you don't want to be painted. This is the type of tape most people are familiar with and versions can be purchased from all DIY stores.


Different masking tapes are used for different jobs, so there are many different types of 'standard' masking tape. The type of tape is sometimes indicated by the colour of the tape and a future article will talk about the different colours available.


While masking tape from DIY stores may be OK for some jobs, a good quality tape can make all the difference to the finished job. By purchasing a known brand of tape, (and we only sell professional-quality brands) you will not be let down by premature peeling, adhesive residues, too-much or too-little tack, water/solvent fastness or poor storage.


Storage is an often-overlooked factor for masking tapes. The stated properties of a tape will be rapidly lost if stored incorrectly. All of our tapes are stored under optimum conditions to ensure your job won't be let down by this very important, but often overlooked component.


Tapes for you to try:

Fine Line Tape

JTape 6mm x 55m Orange Fine Line Tape


Foam Tape

J-Tape Smooth Edge Masking Foam


Masking Tape

White: Scotch 24mm x 50m Masking Tape 2328


Blue: Scotch 48mm x 50m Blue High Performance Masking Tape 3434


Green: 3M 6m Precision Masking Tape