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How to Remove Haze From Caravan Windows

How to clean and remove scratches and hazing from caravan windows by hand

Difficulty: Easy


Anyone who has owned a caravan for a while, knows that windows are prone to scratching and hazing due to general wear and tear such as sun damage, wind-blown grit and sand and even from using the wrong cleaners. However, pristine windows are achievable with this easy technique. All products in this tutorial are listed at the bottom of the article.


Step 1: Cleaning and Preparing your Window Caravan Window

Before starting, you should prepare your windows by using a window or glass cleaner to remove any grit or grime. Use a microfibre cloth or disposable tissues, such as our blue roll. We prefer to use our blue roll as it removes any grit that may create further scratches when using the compound.

As well as this, we suggest wetting your window with clean water, which provides a lubricant to aid the compounding process and to ensure the compound is not too thick.


Step 2: Applying the Compound

Before opening, shake your container of the compound thoroughly. Wet a microfibre cloth so the compound does not soak into it, meaning that less product will go further. Wring the cloth to remove any excess water.

Use a dab of the compound on the moist microfibre cloth and rub it into the window.


Step 3: Rubbing the Compound

It is important to rub the compound in a circular motion to get an even finish and ensure you buff out scratches running in all directions. When rubbing the compound, if the product starts to look thin, add more compound as is necessary to create an even film.


Step 4: Removing the Compound

You can either rinse or buff off the compound.

To rinse, use clean water on your window to remove all of the compound.

In order to buff off the compound, leave the compound to dry for a couple of minutes to make removal easier. Then buff all of the compound off of the window with a microfibre cloth.

If your window still has scratches or hazing, repeat steps 2-4 for another coat of the compound, wetting the window beforehand.


Step 5: Using a Polish

If in step 4 you used water to remove compound, let it dry, this can be accelerated using our drying cloth. Use a high performance polish with a microfibre cloth in circular motions to close the pores in the windows and to add shine to your window. Leave to dry for a couple of minutes, then rub off the polish with a clean microfibre cloth to reveal scratch-less, haze-less windows.

Finally, step back and admire your new, crystal clear view of the world.


Products Used In This Tutorial

Glass Cleaner

Meguiars Pure Clarity Glass Cleaner 473ml


3M Car Care Glass Cleaner 562 ml


Blue Roll

2-Ply Centre Feed Paper (Single Roll)


General Purpose Blue Paper Wipe (Pack of 6)


Drying Cloth

Meguiars Water Magnet Microfibre Drying Towel


Microfibre Cloth

Farecla Finishing Cloth (Pack of 3)


3M Microfibre Detailing Cloth



Farecla G3 Professional Paint Renovator 500ml

Car Polish

Concept Infinity Super Nano Polish 1lt