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Grove Shop - Eco Credentials and Environmental Responsibility

Grove’s Eco Credentials


Here at Grove, we have committed to sustainable practices which will reduce waste and harmful emissions.

We know how important it is to look after the environment, and we have taken many steps to ensure that we're doing our part. This isn't an empty promise, here are our efforts to be as green as possible:


Our packaging

All packaging that arrives on site is re-used or recycled as appropriate. For example, website orders will often be packaged in re-used boxes with re-used packing materials. This gives packing materials a second lease of life, but this may mean that sometimes the box you receive may be a little larger than than the contents would require. We prefer to do this than use a brand new box if at all possible.


To Grove, safety is our number one priority, which means in certain cases we are unable to re-use packaging materials. Where we have to use new materials, the packaging will be recyclable as far as practically possible.


Keeping ourselves accountable

All of the website orders we send will have a label showing who it was packed by, helping to ensure environmental accountability.


The entire Grove group have voluntarily signed up to PAS 2060, which measures and sets a standard for carbon emissions and reductions. The full aim of this ambitious standard can be read here. Grove are proud to announce that soon they will be accredited with full PAS 2060 compliance.


Eco-friendly swaps

We have replaced all of our company cars with electric vechicles. This is a crucial step toward reducing harmful fumes and air pollution, they are also far more energy efficient.


All of our branches are well on their way to a 100% paperless environment. This reduces waste and helps us save precious resources including trees and forests.


Waste disposal

When disposing of any waste that we can't re-use or recycle, we only use certified waste management companies with clear procedures in place to reduce their environmental impact.


Only one planet

As you can see, we really do try hard to reduce the impact on our environment and to implement sustainable practices. If you have any suggestions as to how we could do even more, then please send us a message.