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  • £ 25.76 £ 39.62

    Use 3M Perfect?It Fast Cut Compound to remove sanding scratches after flatting or denibbing processes (with 3M 260L P1200 / P1500 or 3M Microfine 1500 / 2000 wet sanding paper).

    £ 25.76 £ 39.62
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  • £ 23.57 £ 36.26

    3M Perfect-It Fine Compound is a fast acting, less aggressive compound sharing the same 3M formulation chemistry as 3M Perfect-It Fast Cut Compound and is a great second step product after the more agressive Fast Cut Compound.

    £ 23.57 £ 36.26
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  • £ 24.95 £ 38.38

    Use 3M Perfect-It Machine Polish with 3M Perfect-It Foam Polishing Pads, to quickly remove compound swirl marks and achieve a high gloss finish. Our high performance polish is easy to use and ensures cleaning up is quick and efficient.

    £ 24.95 £ 38.38
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  • £ 19.58 £ 30.13

    Use 3M Perfect-It Finishing Glaze for a high gloss and lasting protective shine on refinish or original paint surfaces finished by Perfect-it Paint Finishing System. Apply our glaze by hand with a soft wipe, or for more efficiency, by machine with a dual action sander.

    £ 19.58 £ 30.13
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  • £ 25.09 £ 38.60

    3M Finesse-it Polish Finishing Material is part of our line of specially designed compounds and polishes to be used on OEM and baked refinish paints. Our finishing material produces best results when used with an air or electric buffer equipped with 3M Finesse-it buffing pads.

    £ 25.09 £ 38.60
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  • £ 18.61 £ 26.59

    Use our innovative 3M Performance Finish Synthetic Wax instead of short-lived natural wax. Our silicone based wax is easy to use, bonding to the paint surface for a lasting highly protective gloss finish, and exceptional water beading.

    £ 18.61 £ 26.59
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  • 3M Quick Wax recaptures that "just waxed" look, either for touch ups between washes or streak-free drying after a wash. Our wax contains premium-quality carnauba wax, which is preferred by car enthusiasts for its rich, deep shine. Spray bottle makes applying the wax easy.

  • £ 36.65 £ 56.38

    Use 3M Perfect-It Ultrafine SE Polish with our machine polishers, for an exceptional high gloss finish to vehicles no swirl marks or holograms. Designed for use as the final stage of our colour code process, to help you achieve the ultimate final finish, and fast clean up afterwards.

    £ 36.65 £ 56.38
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  • £ 17.50 £ 26.92

    Use 3M Perfect?It Denibbing Polish as a high performance polish to remove 1500 sand scratches during the 3M Perfect-It Denibbing Process.

    £ 17.50 £ 26.92
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  • £ 10.61 £ 16.31

    3M Scratch and Swirl Remover is an abrasive liquid compound designed to remove light oxidation, scratches and swirls from vehicle paint finishes.

    £ 10.61 £ 16.31
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  • £ 30.41 £ 46.79

    3M Perfect-It Fast Cut XL Compound is an aggressive abrasive liquid compound for use on refinish paints to remove abrasive scratches during the paint rectification process.It can also be used to remove oxidation, scratches, car wash scratches, etc, on original manufacturers paints.

    £ 30.41 £ 46.79
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  • £ 23.60 £ 36.30

    Apply 3M Polish Rosa by hand or machine, for an exceptional blemish-free, deep gloss shine and lasting wax protection and finish. Our polish wont discolour any black rubber parts. Youll get perfect clean-up, in small or large areas. A must-have for any vehicle cleaning or restoration kit.

    £ 23.60 £ 36.30
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Showing 1 - 12 of 41 items