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  • £ 22.33 £ 34.37

    Eliminate visible paint edges with 3M Trim Masking Tape. Our translucent lined tape reduces the cost of removing and installing new mouldings. It allows paint coverage under the moulding, saving time and labour on removing paint lines on existing mouldings.

    £ 22.33 £ 34.37
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  • £ 2.03 £ 3.12

    We developed 3M Vinyl Tape 471+ as a conformable vinyl tape with a versatile rubber adhesive and a moderately translucent backing that allows for accurate masking alignment with simple or complex patterns. Our tape provides clean removal without adhesive residue, even after a 30-minute bake cycle at 250F (121C).

    £ 2.03 £ 3.12
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  • £ 4.20 £ 6.48

    A specialised tape for applications requiring fine two tone or paint striping work.

    £ 4.20 £ 6.48
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  • £ 4.04 £ 6.23

    3M Precision Masking Tape is excellent for critical edge paint performance, helping auto body painters produce sharp paint lines using solvent and waterborne paint systems. Its ultra thin paper backing helps produce very low paint edges, yet its strong enough to pull through layers of color and clear coat. The tape is ideal for two-tone separation, bumper...

    £ 4.04 £ 6.23
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  • £ 37.70 £ 58.02

    'Our 3M Smooth Transition Tape is a fast, simple way to virtually eliminate rework caused by hard paint lines. It is designed specifically to create smooth transitions to existing finishes: a raised center ridge contains adhesive, while the paint feathers in naturally beneath the edges for virtually invisible paint lines.

    £ 37.70 £ 58.02
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  • £ 29.08 £ 44.74

    Guard against overspray of vehicles, with 3M Overspray Masking Liquid Dry. Our lightly-bonding film spray on water-based solution replaces time-intensive masking and is easy to clean it simply dissolves in water and washes off.

    £ 29.08 £ 44.74
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  • £ 2.42 £ 3.73

    Cut masking film quickly and easily with 3M Clear Masking Film Cutter. Our cutter is a high quality safety blade developed to cut 3M Clear Masking Film without fraying.

    £ 2.42 £ 3.73
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  • £ 43.96 £ 67.63

    Protect parts of vehicle you dont want to spray with 3M Clear Masking Film. Our masking film is a high density, clear polyethylene sheeting designed to statically cling to the surface of the vehicle and protect it from paint overspray.

    £ 43.96 £ 67.63
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  • £ 66.55 £ 102.40

    Use Scotch High Performance Masking Tape 3434 for a wide variety of applications in auto refinishing. Use in environments up to 110C and in conditions of high water resistance. Our high performance blue crepe paper masking tape has excellent solvent and water resistance properties.

    £ 66.55 £ 102.40
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  • £ 16.12 £ 24.78

    Mask door apertures, bonnet or boot lid openings and other vehicle parts with 3M Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape. Our tape is perfect for the sealing part of a painting operation and saves you time on reworking due to unwanted tape lines.

    £ 16.12 £ 24.78
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  • £ 27.90 £ 42.92

    Eliminate rework of unwanted paint lines and save time with 3M Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape PLUS. Our tape is ideal for masking door apertures, bonnet or boot lid openings that need to be sealed during an automotive painting job. The off-set adhesive keeps adhesive away from the paint edge.

    £ 27.90 £ 42.92
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  • £ 20.50 £ 31.52

    Get protection from overspray with 3M Low Cost Masking Film. Our economical, high density, tear resistant, and specially treated masking film is designed to cling to vehicles and ensures good paint adhesion of both solvent and waterborne paints.

    £ 20.50 £ 31.52
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Showing 25 - 36 of 62 items